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The secret to success: the value of grinds with Dalmac

8 December 2017 Dalmac News

Grinds with Dalmac are interactive and comprehensive, putting you in a great position to succeed in whatever examination you are preparing for

Grinds are a critical part of so many students’ study plans, and for good reason. Grinds give you a solid grounding in your chosen subjects, teach you valuable study techniques, and give you more insights than you would generally find in the classroom.

We all want to optimise our study, and grinds are the best way to do that. In this blog post, we will outline four reasons why grinds with Dalmac Grinds Academy are so effective, as you plan for the academic year ahead.

  1. Quality teachers

Quality teachers really help to give you a fantastic knowledge of the curriculum, providing you with a great foundation on which to get impressive results. Our teachers of grinds with Dalmac are highly experienced and have written detailed programmes to cater for all students’ abilities and requirements.

Our teachers are fully qualified, Garda-vetted and registered with the teaching council. They also have experience in correcting State exams, so know exactly how best to prepare our students for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. In short, they are the best guides to help you navigate a year that can be stressful and worrisome without the right supports.

  1. Support network

Everyone is different when it comes to preparing for exams in June. We know this, so that is why we offer support throughout the year to ensure your head stays above water.  For example, we don’t just give out notes; we explain concepts, methodologies and definitions, depending on the subject concerned. We want our students to be completely at ease with their chosen subjects.

It is important not just that our students merely study, but that they study in a way that suits them. That’s where our experience comes in, with plenty of helpful tips and advice on how to get the most out of grinds with Dalmac.

  1. Great facilities and options

Our academy is located in a state-of-the-art building in Rush, north County Dublin. We have four dedicated classrooms so students have the best chance to maximise their time getting grinds with Dalmac.

If you are based in north County Dublin, our location on Lower Main Street in Rush is just perfect. Our fantastic academy is the perfect place in which to get grinds for your Junior or Leaving Cert.

We also cater for a significant number of subjects. As well as the core subjects of maths, Irish and English, we also offer grinds for French, German, Spanish, physics, biology, science and chemistry.

  1. Expert planning

We know that students are busy in an exam year to say the least, and that’s why we offer grinds with Dalmac on Mondays to Saturdays in the evening time. And remember, we don’t just deal with written exams – we also can help you prepare for oral and aural exams. Our study programme is also designed to be consistent throughout the year to avoid any kind of last-minute cramming. There is a definite advantage to starting grinds early in the academic year.

Of course, notes are a crucial part of any exam year, and our notes are both detailed and specific, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your quest to maximise your points total.

It is fair to say that grinds with Dalmac will offer you the best possible grounding for your exams. Contact us today for more information on what we do and how we do it.

The Dalmac Grinds Academy is based in Rush, offering the best grinds in north Dublin. For more information, see http://dalmacgrindsacademy.net/ . Call us today on 01-8431697 or email info@dalmacgrindsacademy.ie to secure your place.